Facebook Health Challenge!

The challenge rules


  • Become a member of Health Challenge Kick Start!!!! on Facebook
  • Weigh in September 10
  • Weigh out October 22
  • Lose 6% of your weight
  • Send $20 for the "kitty" (prefer paypal to kingsdaughterfym@gmail.com)
  • Introduce yourself in the first week
  • Weigh in every Monday morning and answer questions about posting 
  • Post at least 24 days of the 42 days



Those who are part of this group want to lose weight, but we know that it is not easy to do it alone. The purpose of this group is to encourage the members of the group. At the end of the challenge, the winners (see challenge rules) will split the kitty. We WANT everyone to get their $20 back!!! That would be great!!!



The "how" is up to you. I am hoping that the posts encourage healthy choices for food, activity, sleep, and hydration. I would be very happy to share with you the program that worked for me, but it is not mandatory for this challenge. 

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Healthy Body

Getting to your healthy weight and keeping it there is key! It’s not easy, but definitely worth it!

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Healthy Mind

As Dr. Andersen says, “Optimal wellbeing does not begin with a crash diet or an intense exercise program. Lasting, vibrant health starts with your mind, the command center of all the choices you make throughout your life that have an impact on how you look, how you feel, and how long you live.”

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Healthy Finances

Start your toward Optimal Health™ and wellbeing and that can turn into so much more. as you transform, your can become an inspiration to others. As an OPTAVIA Coach, you can show others the way while you build a coaching business. 

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