Short Term Opportunites - typically 3-6 weeks

Greenheart Volunteer Program


Greenheart Volunteer is one type of short term hosting opportunity that usually lasts 3-6 weeks. It includes volunteering within the host community for 5 -15 hours per week. The student indicates which areas of volunteer they are interested in and we try to accommodate their preference. The volunteer project must be confirmed at one month prior to the participant arrival.

Language Buddy Program


The Language Buddy Program is an IHP program with the added component of informal tutoring in the participant’s native language. This program is great for families who want to practice or learn a foreign language. Participants and family should plan to set aside about 3 hours per week for informal tutoring. Outside of the three hours, the family and participant should speak English only.

High School Visits Program


  The High School Visits Program is an IHP variation where participants have the option to shadow classes at a local high school during their stay. They will not receive academic credit while doing so. This program is available for duration of 2-4 weeks Permission must be obtained from the high school for this to occur. Students should shadow for the full school day, 4-5 days each week.

Some of the students for the 2019-2020 school year

Students from countries all over the world want to come!!!

Roberto (#116056)

Age: 14        Country: Spain        Gender: Male

Roberto enjoys soccer, French, track and field, and other sports. 

Roberto, from Spain, says, "Dinner is the best  moment in the day because all four members of my family come together  and we can spend a great time telling stories about our day at school  or job to each others.
Sometimes I meet my friends in the park nearby  my house to talk, meet people or play a little soccer match. Also, we  sometimes  go to the cinema, we love action movies."

Lilly (#116245)

Age: 15        Country: Germany        Gender: Female

Lilly enjoys Hip Ho, going to the gym, listening to music, and babysitting. 

She says, " In the future I  could imagine to be a policeofficer. I am going to do an internship by  the police in Hamburg and I am really looking forward to it. I  want to go to the USA because I want to know how it is to be at an  American Highschool and if all those things you can see in films or  series are true. Like if they really carry their books with crossing  arms before their belly. I hope I will experience all those things in  the school I will attend. I think it's interesting to see all the differences between 2 cultures and how different they live. I am looking  so forward to my year in the USA!" 

Jan (#115861)

Age: 17        Country: Czech Republic        Gender: Male

Jan likes to go to the gym, spend time with friends, listen to music, and head to Prague for time at the cinema or just to get food.

He says, " I do not know  what I want to be in future but I know that I want to go on college. I  want to go to USA because I always wanted to visit the USA. I want to  experience new culture and show you our culture. I would like to be more  independent after my stay in the US and speak fluent English. I will be  maybe shy form the beginning but I think we'll be friends after some  time. I like to help with any kind of work. If you have any questions on me just ask." 

Jan has a cat and dog allergy.

Jesus (#116014)

Age: 16     Country: Spain     Gender: Male

Jesus is athletic and had played soccer for a team for 7 years. He plays guitar, e-sports, and likes to go out with friends. He doesn't have a pet but would like to have one.

He says, "One of my  dreams it´s to play in a professional team of League of Legends because I successfully passed the tryouts of a team called Movistar Riders, and I  want to play in the highest team. Right now I don´t have clear goals  but I think that in the future I will want a good job and make a family  (but I don´t know yet my wished job because I am so young to know what I  want to be in the future)."

Chayaporn (#116112)

Age: 16     Country: Thailand     Gender: Female

Fern (her nickname) enjoys watching movies, learning about other cultures, shopping, and cooking.

She says, " The reasons  that to participate the exchange program because I need to improve my  English and open my new world and also get more experiences. Other than  that I do have planned to study in International courses when I attend  the university."

Peru (#116039)

Age: 15     Country: Spain     Gender: Male

Peru loves to play soccer and go snowboarding! He also likes to spend time with friends and his family. 

He says, " I study in a  Basque high school and I speak Basque and Spanish because we live in the  Basque Country, a territory located between France and Spain. I feel  Basque but I feel Spanish too. The Basque language is one of the oldest  languages in the world and its origins are unknown, there is no other  living language that can be related to Basque. I am proud to speak  Basque. thanks for having me for ten months and I hope to hear from you soon"

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More of the students for the 2019-2020 school year

Students from countries all over the world want to come!!!

Zofia (#115749)

Age: 15        Country: Poland    Gender: Female

Zofia loves to swim! She also enjoys tennis, dancing, and reading when she doesn't have a sport in which to be involved.

She says, "I want to go  to USA because I have been there twice already, and I fell in love with  this great country (we have a lot of my Grandmother family there - in  Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Kentucky).
I was so surprised how open  and nice people are there. I want to see how it is to be part of an  American family and live there like a normal US teenager."

Nina (#115751)

Age: 16     Country: Poland    Gender: Female

Nina's special interest is yoga. She also enjoys longboard, snowboarding, and swimming. She has some food allergies, so she will need a host family that understands that and can work with her.

She says, "I really enjoy  organizing my spare time in creative way. I always propose to my  friends interesting trips, cultural events, music or film festivals. I  also devote time to sport. I attend yoga lessons, swimming training and  many others disciplines. My city has a lot to offer but sometimes I just  like to go to the forest out of town and cut myself off from the busy  mode. I am very reflective and independent person. I like to talk about  life, philosophy, sense of living. I like just to take a breake of the  world and think abstractly."

Monika (#116589)

Age: 16      Country: Poland       Gender: Female

Monika enjoys drawing and painting, reading, friends, and learning (especially Biology and Psychology). She is a vegetarian but eats fish.

She says, "My biggest  passion is art.  Since I remember, I have been drawing and painting.  It’s beautiful that by using shapes and colors you can express your  feelings and thoughts! I try to draw whenever I can."

Pimmada (#116123)

Age: 15        Country: Thailand     Gender: Female

Pimmada chooses to play sports more often than anything else. She also enjoys traveling, watching movies, and baking.

She says, "My goal is to be an exchange student. I want to exchange language and culture with new people. I want a new society and interesting experience, especially I want to improve my English language skill. My dream is studying aboard. I think USA is an amazing country and it would be a privilege for me to spend almost 1 year in USA."

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